Richwood Master Series electrics

all Richwood Master Series™ electric guitars come with: USA D'Addario™ strings Nubone™ top nuts Derjung™ diecast machine heads retro, all nickel hardware weight controlled maple, alder and okoumé woods

Santiago and Buckaroo guitars additionally have: - Canadian maple necks - 21 medium jumbo frets in a 9,5” radius rosewood or maple fingerboard - original Wilkinson™ bridges and tremolos - genuine Duesenberg™ Radiator Tremola on Buckaroo Tremola models

Retro II, Retro Special and Retro Special Tremola models additionally have: - 22 medium jumbo frets in a 12” radius rosewood fingerboard - conductive coating shielded electronics cavities - genuine Duesenberg™ Diamond Deluxe Tremola on Retro Special Tremola models

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